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About Rad

Tapping School was founded by Rad Swierkowski. Rad is a professional EFT practitioner specializing in combining spiritual Psychology and lifestyle changes.

After working with dozens of media and sporting stars and ultra-high net worth individuals, he decided to refocus on people-powered concepts regarding lifestyle changes, releasing unprocessed emotions and well-being.

His approach to well-being, which he has developed over 15 years, is insanely effective and has allowed him to change lives all over the world.

tapping school rad swierkowski

Holictic Approach

In his work, he uses a perfect blend of Psychology (reconstructing self-image, emotions, case studies, EFT) and lifestyle changes to help people with daily stress and anxiety, feeling of unworthiness and procrastination and make them feel more balanced and feel more beautiful than ever before.

The Story

It all started in Poznan, a beautiful city in western Poland where I spent the first 18 years of my life.
​If you are looking for a weekend break during the Winter or Summer, I strongly recommend it.
Here is a picture of the Old Square Market and Lake Malta, so you can see what it looks like.
I didn’t have much money so I spent a lot of my free time riding a bike, climbing a tree or swimming. It was here that I developed an affection for all things natural; trees, water, flowers etc.

Although I explored every corner of this beautiful city I felt that I needed to move on and explore other, bigger parts of the world. I travelled to Japan (Tokyo & Osaka), Spain (Barcelona) and France (Paris).

​It was my dream to settle down in Paris; build a home and a culinary career in one of the best most beautiful cities in the world. However, I was young and naive thinking that life was simplistic. It wasn’t. Within a week of arriving in Paris, I was homeless, destitute and struggling.

Whilst I was sleeping in a tube station, I woke up to begin my daily search for a job, I found 50 euros on the stairs. I used the money to buy a one – way bus ticket to London where I thought I would get a fairer shot at building my life.

Although it was a bumpy ride (I spent another week sleeping rough) I managed to connect with some friends in the city and get off the streets.

Before long, I was living with some friends in Archway and began working in a reputable restaurant in Central London. It was here that I started the process of self -discovery with regards to limiting beliefs and feeling of unworthiness.

My problem was my working hours; 16 hours, 6 days a week!

It was not long after that I decided that I needed a break so I booked a holiday to Spain where I was hoping to engage in a spot of surfing. It was the first time that I felt my life was back on track.

What I wasn’t aware of is that a nightmare was about to unfold.

I broke my leg.

1 Spiral fracture, 2 operations, 11 screws and 1 metal plate. So many thoughts were going through my head but deep inside I keep hearing ‘everything happens for a reason.

Weeks passed whilst I just lay in the hospital bed, waiting for my leg to heal.

For the first time in ages I had so much time on my hands so I decided to read, read again and read some more; books, audiobooks, podcasts you name it. It didn’t take me long before I made a profound discovery.

I found the power of EFT and the relationship between our emotions and the body.

I learned about Psychology and how habits, beliefs are formed and much more.

I changed my approach and my habits and this in turn changed my outlook. I felt the change every day. I felt different, lighter, happier and at ease.

I introduced new ways of thinking, staying true to myself and new habits.

As soon as I learnt something that worked for me I told my family and friends about it to see if they experience similar results and to my surprise, they did.

My leg recovered so fast that doctors couldn’t believe it. They said I had defied the rules of medical science.

The time off work was a blessing and gave me a chance to realign with myself, look back and change my old habits for the better.

It is not too late for you too.

I want to share with you everything that I learned during this time and beyond.


Because it will change your life for the better.

Because you deserved to know.

Because I love to see people healthy and happy.

Because it works!

This Accident made me realize something very important – that sometimes in life you need to touch the very bottom, something needs to break or end for something new to build.

Only this way you can push the boundaries and achieve more. 

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