Complete Guide to EFT Meridian Points: Enhance Your Emotional Wellbeing

The emotional freedom technique (EFT) has become increasingly popular in the UK and across the globe in recent years. Although EFT has been researched and proven helpful for decades, new research continues to emerge. More and more medical professionals and individuals now see what EFT can do for physical and emotional issues.

eft meridian points

EFT is noninvasive and has no serious side effects. Part of why it’s gaining popularity in wellness spaces is that it can be learned to use on your own. Like any other technique, it’s critical to understand how to use EFT correctly. Part of using EFT properly is understanding EFT meridian points and how they are. So, what should you know?

This article will serve as a complete guide to EFT meridian points. Let’s start by reviewing what meridian points are, how they’re used in EFT, and why they matter. Then, we’ll discuss the 12 main meridians and their corresponding tapping points.

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Top of Head Eyebrow Eyebrow Under Eye Collarbone Underarm Side of Hand Side of Hand Gamut Point
eft tapping points

The Science Behind EFT and Meridian Points

Each meridian point connects to specific parts of the body. When we review the primary 12 meridian points below, you’ll notice that each one takes a unique path through the body and impacts different parts of the body or mind.

eft meridian points

Why are meridians important?

Meridian points are important because they help you achieve healthy energy flow and provide an essential understanding of how the mind-body connection works. Many people are aware of this connection; what many people do not know is how to use it.

When you know where the meridian points are and how to use them, you can unblock trapped energy flow and release anxiety, stress, trauma, feelings of depression, physical pain, negative emotions, and other mental or physical health challenges you face.

set up the tapping routine
liver meridian

triple warmer meridian

  • Element:  Metal
  • Direction: West
  • Color: Off-White
  • Season: Autumn

  • Element: Fire
  • Direction: South
  • Color: Red
  • Season: Summer

  • Element: Water
  • Direction: North
  • Color: Black
  • Season: Winter
Pericardium Meridian

  • Element: Fire
  • Direction: South
  • Color: Purple-Red
  • Season: Summer

  • Element: Wood
  • Direction: East
  • Color: Green
  • Season: Spring

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