Hey, I’m Rad. I’m here to help you reduce your anxiety and stress with EFT tapping in London​

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Mastering Emotional Freedom: Advanced EFT Tapping Techniques in London

The emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an alternative treatment that can help you manage physical pain, sleep problems, and a wide range of mental health concerns. For example, anxiety, low mood, trauma, self-esteem, and confidence. Tapping School uses advanced EFT tapping techniques in London.

Rad, an experienced professional of over 15 years, offers one-on-one sessions so that you can master EFT tapping skills.
Mastering emotional freedom techniques means you can use them on your own, whenever and wherever you want to. Our empowering approach teaches you skills you can use to improve your well-being and quality of life long-term, even once your sessions at Tapping School are over.

Tapping School provides bespoke, safe and supportive EFT tapping sessions in person in London or remotely online

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Our EFT Tapping therapist specialises in the following issues or conditions.


Improve Your Self-esteem and Confidence


​Release the Energy from Your Traumas and Negative Experiences


Reduce Your Stress​


Calm Your Anxiety and Panic

History and Evolution of EFT

EFT as we know it today emerged in the 1990s. However, the root of emotional freedom techniques and the science behind the practice of EFT tapping have been around for much longer. EFT tapping uses acupressure points based on the Chinese practice of acupuncture, which was first documented in 100 BC.

There is a difference between feeling your
authentic emotions and emotions that are being
projected onto you from others because of weak

Rad Swierkowski​

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About Me

Hey, I’m Rad. I’m here to help you reduce your anxiety and stress. Peel off the negative thought processes and belief systems holding you back and recover your self-esteem and confidence with EFT Tapping.

If you’re looking to overcome and finally combat constant worry, overwhelming stress and crippling anxiety to lead a happier, successful life, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll show you how to take back control over your mind and life.

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Techniques and Methodologies Used in Sessions

While the above is a standard example of how EFT sessions go, there are far more ways to practice EFT. Common techniques and methodologies include:
Finger tapping (this uses 13 acupressure points on the hand)
“Tabletop” tapping (this
The tearless trauma technique
EFT 9 gamut procedure
Note that these are just a handful of well over 45 EFT techniques out there. Adjustments are available for young children, group therapy settings, EFT to address substance abuse, and so on.

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EFT for Diverse Needs​

EFT can address a diverse set of needs. Everyone who uses EFT tapping has different goals. You can use EFT for anxiety, stress relief, anger, trauma, to improve interpersonal relationships, your social life, functioning at work or school, physical health problems, and so much more.

Case Studies: EFT for Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma.​

A case study is a type of research study that focuses on the unique case of one individual.
A 2022 case study determined that those who practice EFT regularly can better understand and navigate disturbing emotions. The author noted that EFT is cost-effective, simple, and easy to learn for “all emotions and body pains.” This specific study focused on fear, anxiety, and trauma healing with EFT.
Studies have found that ten sessions of EFT for PTSD or trauma can lead to better symptom management. Similarly, as few as three sessions can help relieve anxiety and depression.

EFT with Tapping School

EFT with Tapping school is ideal for anyone who wants to learn to use EFT to support their well-being and mental health anytime and from anywhere. Tapping School’s approach uses one-on-one sessions to help people like you form sequences that address their needs, work through hurdles, and tap appropriately and effectively.
Tips for Beginners Learning EFT Techniques
Work with a practitioner (e.g., our EFT tapping London services).
Tap acupressure points gently when you start.
Keep an open mind.
A practitioner can help you try new things, expand your awareness of EFT to get the full effect, and more.
Simply EFT is go to therapy so don’t wait and call your EFT therapist near you right now.

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