Disclaimer for Tappingschool.com website.

You understand that any complementary therapy treatment and information presented on this website which may include blog pages, posts, videos, methods, techniques and products, are not substitutes for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner and therefore should be treated only as general information.

You understand that it is recommended that you see such a practitioner for any physical or psychological problem you are experiencing now or develop in the future.

Tapping School website/blog presents information about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which involves you gently tapping on  meridian points on the human body whilst stating statements related to strong emotional impulses that you are  currently feeling. This may trigger strong physical or emotional responses.

You are fully responsible and accept any risks or injury as a result of using information from this website and you agree to not hold Tapping School website, Tapping School website owners or any therapist associated with Tapping School LLC from any liability, claim or personal physical or psychological damage. 

You release Tapping School LLC from any and all liability resulting from the use of materials, preparations, remedies or treatments and assume full responsibility for all risks in connection with information contained on this website, products and therapies.

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